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It’s Weby-Okie!

Instructions: Click the maroon-colored-box button to hear a song with a vocal track, then listen to the same song without the vocal track (that will start automatically when you have “Auto Media” set to “On”) ... then sing along by following the song’s changing lyrics, displayed onscreen.
Media Variable Values
Button try statement [i]:  
CM (Close Media) [iOnPlay]:  
function playPauseMedia(txt) [txt]:  
function onPlay(txt) [iOnPlay]:  
mediaArray length:
audioUArray length:
Audio run-time: 00:00:00 > 00:00:00
Media Audio/Text Track  
[Audio interface displays on button click.]
Audio controls above for testing only.
Media Variable Info
“mediaIndex” array index values: Media 1: 0; Media 2: 1; etc. variables: variable i == “mediaIndex” array index value; txt == function argument; variable iOnPlay == function onPlay(txt) txt value

Media Buttons — Click the M1–M2 buttons below to start a media.   [Close]

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Auto Media
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