About Quick Watch!

It’s Quick Watch! A web page that for a few, brief moments ... you can watch and enjoy ... and then return to your daily routine!
This Quick Watch web page features five different displays—plus a song, 'Begin the Beguine,' by Big Band-era orchestra leader Artie Shaw.
Just click on any of the text-buttons above for an associated display to appear, or begin the Artie Shaw song by clicking the 'Play Song' text-button!
There are complimentary, mirror 'Mini Me-nu' dropdown menus replicating the text-buttons above, that can be accessed by hovering your cursor over the three-line 'menu' icons positioned at the top of this web page—and directly below these instructions.
There is also a 'Mini Me-nu' in the middle of this web page that displays in a direction opposite from the other three page menus!