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You are listening to “Steam Train to Mallaig,” by Mary-Ann McKinnon. This traditional Scottish song was written for multiple bagpipes, and was composed in 1990.

The author’s “memories of a fine sunny day looking out of the train window as we went over the bridge at Glenfinnan...” were the inspiration for this popular song, written to be played in a concert setting with a four-part harmony. The “bridge at Glenfinnan” refers to the Glenfinnan Viaduct that crosses the River Finnan along the route taken by “The Jacobite” steam train service in west-central Scotland.

This recording of “Steam Train to Mallaig” is from archive.org, the free music website. “Steam Train to Mallaig” has been interpreted by top “pipe bands” from all over the world.

Mary-Ann McKinnon is an award-winning player of the Great Highland Bagpipe, in addition to being a song writer, and plays “...smallpipes, whistles, and fiddle” as well.

Here is an interesting article about Mary-Ann McKinnon in “The Courier,” the newspaper of record in her hometown of Dundee, Scotland.

Dundee, Scotland is a seaport city on the eastern North Sea coast of Scotland, and is located about 97.6 miles (157.1 kilometers) east-southeast of the Glenfinnan Viaduct.

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