For Swedish meatballs in Stockholm ...      

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    It’s the Stockholm Slideshow!®

    The Stockholm Slideshow® is mobile-friendly, and fits easily on almost any web page!

    The Stockholm Slideshow® features the Mini-popup Auto-Centering System developed in Sweden. As your viewport decreases in width (for example, when this web page is viewed on a smartphone), the aqua (or yellow) slideshow buttons displayed above will also decrease in width—at which point the Auto-Centering System adjusts the position of each Mini-popup thumbnail image dynamically to keep it centered over its associated, re-sized aqua (or yellow) button.

    Here is a basic version of the Stockholm Slideshow®.

    The Stockholm Slideshow® is not available in stores. Add a Stockholm Slideshow® to your website today!

    —Websites grow with Stockholm Slideshow!—

    [Mini-popup thumbnail images will no longer display above their associated buttons on screens that do not fully implement “hover” commands—for easier viewing on smartphones.]

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    Auto-Centering System
    (Hover-over (or tab-to) aqua/yellow buttons.)
    Hover over ('click' on touchscreens)
    aqua or yellow button for diagnostics.