Build a Pocket Penny Collection with the change in your pocket!

Below is a Pocket Penny Collection, along with some interesting facts about pennies:

1960 Penny 1960 “D” Penny
1961 Penny 1961 “D” Penny
1962 Penny 1962 “D” Penny
1963 Penny 1963 “D” Penny

Most of the pennies in this Pocket Penny Collection were minted by the United States Mint at Denver, in Denver, Colorado. You can spot Denver-made pennies by the capital “D” mint mark directly underneath the year of the penny on the front (or, observe) side of the coin.

The rest of the pennies in this collection were minted at either the United States Mint at San Francisco, in San Francisco, California; the Unites States Mint at Philadelphia, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; or at the United States Mint at West Point, in West Point, New York (where pennies were minted from 1973 to 1986).

1964 Penny 1964 “D” Penny
1965 Penny 1965 Penny
1966 Penny 1966 Penny
1967 Penny 1967 Penny

The pennies made at the West Point Mint have a capital “W” mint mark underneath the year on the coin, while the pennies minted in San Francisco bear a capital “S” mint mark at that location on the coin. The pennies minted in Philadelphia bear no mint mark at all.

You may have noticed that the pennies above dated “1965,” “1966,” and “1967” bear no mint mark. So, they must have been made in Philadelphia, right?

Not so fast! Congress passed The Coinage Act of 1965, which was enacted to reduce the coin collecting activity that was to blame for the coin shortage at that time. As a result, all pennies minted in 1965, 1966, and 1967 bear no mint mark, no matter where they were made. So, there is no telling where the three mint-mark-less pennies above were minted.

1968 Penny 1968 “D” Penny
1969 Penny 1969 “D” Penny
1970 Penny 1970 “S” Penny
1971 Penny 1971 “D” Penny

Above you see a 1970 “S” penny, minted at San Francisco, along with three more
Denver “D” pennies.

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