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The postcard-image to the right of the Boise, Idaho AAA historical street map (both superimposed on a Google map) is a circa 1911 colorized photograph, looking southeast down Main Street in downtown Boise, Idaho, showing the intersection of Main Street and 10th Street.

Here is a modern-day Google Street View from the same camera position, with the Hotel Idanha on the northeast corner of the intersection. That's the five-story high, reddish-brown building on the left on the postcard-image, with the 'French-Chateau' look and featuring the first elevator in the state.

The Hotel Idanha was built back in 1901, and is described in this idahoarchitectureproject.org article. You will read that several Presidents stayed at the hotel; and also about the history of the hotel’s haunted past ... and present!

Take a ride back in time on Hotel Idanha’s Otis elevator, and listen to elevator music, by clicking the button below:

Music track from: Bensound.com.

Music track audio-compression by: Audacity

Now an apartment building with tenants living on the upper floors, the Hotel Idanha features the 'Bombay Grill' at street level and the underground '10th Street Station' bar one floor below. The little rust-colored arrow towards the middle of the Boise AAA street map points to the exact location of the Hotel Idanha on what is now West Main Street in Boise. Slide the "Adjust Image Opacity" Track bar to see the city streets on the 1917 AAA Boise street map superimposed on the same Boise streets on the modern-day Google map.

The Hotel Idanha was a playground for the Boise hoity-toity in the early 1900s, and is still a popular destination today. The 140-room hotel was built just two blocks north-northeast of the train tracks and 1894 train station—as mentioned in this sah-archipedia.org article that contains many facts about the hotel.

This classics.life article shows photos of the Hotel Idanha from many different angles on the outside, and a couple of photos showing the hotel’s interior.

The postcard-image of downtown Boise, Idaho on the Google map can be found in this Wikipedia article about Boise, Idaho, and the AAA Boise street map was obtained from this University of Texas website.

Here is another photo of the Hotel Idanha taken back in 1908 looking northeast from 10th Street:

View of hotel from 10th Street The original black and white photo of the hotel came from this Wikipedia article.

Here is a full-size, colorized version of the same photo as above: 1908 Hotel Idanha.

This linked-to, colorized version has been reduced in file-weight courtesy of tinypng.com.

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1917 Boise, Idaho Street Map

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