Multiple Audio/Text Buttons


By linking a multi-audio-links.js JavaScript/jQuery file to your web page, you can quickly add a 'click event' to any element on your web page that displays text (such as '<div>,' '<p>,' '<span>,' and '<figcaption>' elements).

When clicked, the element will play an audio file, just like you heard above, with or without accompaning '.vtt' file text.

And only one audio file will play at a time when multiple elements have had a 'click event' added!

Here is a link to a basic version of this web page, and here is a txt file containing all of the file code needed to set up the basic version on your computer.

The multi-audio-links.js file contains “comment sections” containing all of the information that you will need to understand how the files work together!

Here are links to the six “audio” files that are linked-to from the 'multi-audio-links.js' JavaScript/jQuery file. They are the same audio files that are utilized on this web page, and on the basic-version of this web page: