About Luddite Links

--“Luddite Links” are the energy-free, environmentally-friendly links of the future! --

-- Links Review Magazine

The “Luddite Links” above are non-electrical-links, or “NELS,” that require “activation” before they can operate properly. In order to “activate” these “Luddite Links” you must manually “prime” your computer's ICP (Internet Connectivity Pump) until a “transmission-grade charge-state” has been reached. This “charge-state” can be achieved through the repeated “clicking” on the “Prime Pump” button of whichever of the two “Luddite Links” above you choose, until you see the word “Activated” displayed.

Due to the nature of this 19th-century technology, you must “click” on your chosen “Test Luddite Link” text-link as quickly as possible before the link’s “charge-state” has dissipated.

Be the first on your server to retrofit your website's web pages with the links of the future...“Luddite Links”...compliments of WhowillbenexTech!

[Note: Each of this web page’s “Luddite Links” HTML5 code-packages resides in its own “#link-holder” div (that includes “Operating Instructions”) and has its own “CSS” embedded style-sheet—should you wish to separate the links on a web page.]

This page displays properly in Firefox 42.0, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer-9 browsers.