Haikuplet Chain

What is a Haikuplet Chain?

A Haikuplet Chain is a sequential list of two or more Haikuplets. A Haikuplet Chain begins with an original Haikuplet, followed by one or more augmented versions of the original Haikuplet.

What is a Haikuplet?

A Haikuplet is a module of two, related Haiku poems that tell a story or complete a thought.

What is a Haiku poem?

A Haiku poem is a Japanese verse form. The following four Haiku poems will explain the structure of a Haiku poem:

There are seventeen
syllables in this verse form
and only three lines.
Lines one and three have
five syllables each while the
second has seven.
None of the lines can
rhyme, and the preferred subject
matter is nature.
Increasingly though,
people today write haiku
about our culture.
Did you know that the
singular and plural of
"haiku" are the same?

There are two Haikuplet modules displayed further below. The first Haikuplet, entitled Hearing The End, is the original Haikuplet in the Haikuplet Chain being introduced by this article. The second Haikuplet, entitled The Last Sound Heard, creates this introduced Haikuplet Chain by virtue of its being added directly below the first, original Haikuplet.

The first Haikuplet was written by author Lance—and it will be henceforth denoted as the First Link, now that the Haikuplet Chain has been created.

The second Haikuplet was written by author Vivian after Vivian read Lance’s Haikuplet, and decided to write her own, related Haikuplet.

Here are the changes Vivian had to make to Lance’s Haikuplet to distinquish her Haikuplet from Lance’s:

1) Vivian changed the title of Lance’s Haikuplet to a different title: The Last Sound Heard.

2) Vivian wrote the second Haiku poem in her Haikuplet a little differently than Lance’s second Haiku poem.

3) After making these two changes, Vivian added her Haikuplet directly below Lance’s Haikuplet. This third step is what created the Haikuplet Chain, at which point Vivian’s Haikuplet became officially designated as the Second Link in the Haikuplet Chain.

Should at some point another author wish to add a Haikuplet to this particular Haikuplet Chain, they would be required to follow the same three steps that Vivian took.

Voting for Your Favorite Haikuplet

After reading the two Haikuplet modules further below, by Lance and Vivian, you may choose to vote on which of the two Haikuplets you prefer. You will use the Haikuplet InstaVote Form that sits between the two Haikuplets to cast your vote.

A brief History of Haikuplet Chains

Some Haikuplet Chains have been known to grow to hundreds of Haikuplets in length. In Japan, when a Haikuplet Chain reaches a length of 100 Haikuplets, the authors of the amassed Haikuplets get together for what is called a Link-Ku Party. The attendees of the party dance to, and sing along with, songs that have lyrics in them that are related to the topics that their respective Haikuplets have introduced into the Haikuplet Chain. A secret ballot is conducted during the Link-Ku Party to determine the authors’ favorite Haikuplet in the Haikuplet Chain.

After the secret vote has been tabulated, the winning Haikuplet author is announced with much fanfare, and he or she is then treated with great respect until the party is over. If the winning Haikuplet author is not present at the Link-Ku Party, a congratulatory note is prepared, signed by all the attendees, and then is sent by courier to the winning author. Each signatory of the note pledges to do a favor for the winner, whenever asked.

As you can imagine, everyone wants to have the winning Haikuplet!

First Link by Lance

Corn Field
Wikimedia image   by   Graylight
Hearing The End

The ears of corn heard,
row after row, the sound of
the harvester grow.
The ears were cut off,
not hearing the sound of their
stalks hitting the ground.
(First Link - by Lance)

Audio of Hearing The End

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Second Link by Vivian

Corn Harvester
Wikimedia image   by  USDA
The Last Sound Heard

The ears of corn heard,
row after row, the sound of
the harvester grow.
The ears, once removed,
would not hear the sound of their
stalks hitting the ground.
(Second Link - by Vivian)

Audio of The Last Sound Heard

Song Mentioning Corn

Corn Harvester
Archive.org image   over a  Wikimedia image