Stop scrollTop animation
All below within function createAudioTagV():

#topOfCreateAudioTagV: tourStart = --

(when 'audioV' not defined) [tourStart may be 0 or 1]: tourStart = --

#endFirstIf: tourStart (reset to 0) = --

#startFirstElseIf: tourStart (must be 1) = --

#endFirstElseIf: tourStart (reset to 0) = --

#startSecondElseIf: tourStart (may be 0 or 1) = --

#endSecondElseIf: tourStart (reset to 0) = --

#startThirdElseIf (playOrPauseV): tourStart (may be 0 or 1, but will not be reset) = --

#bottomOfCreateAudioTagV: tourStart = --

Floor video playing: --

Take the Auto Tour!

Take a floor-by-floor tour of the 10-story Acme Shoes Building in Bloomingdale, Minnesota, via a simulated elevator ride!

But first: Arriving at a given floor

At the top/upper-right of your viewing screen is a Console. When you click on any of the 'Floor 10' through 'Floor 1' red-or-blue buttons on the Console—you will be transported, elevator-style, to your chosen floor.

Once you have arrived at your chosen floor (Floor 1, for example), a friendly voice will notify you of your arrival. You can then click on the gray 'play/pauz v-1' button that you will see on the Console (or, conversely, you can click on the 'Floor 1 Video' button on the main page, directly under the Floor 1 elevator door). This 'clicking' action will activate a video that begins with the elevator door opening. The video then progresses out into the hallway, where you will see what is across the hall from the elevator.

At this point, the video will pan left to show what is to the left of the elevator on Floor 1. Then the video will turn around and show you what is in the opposite direction, to the right of the elevator. Finally, the video will pan right towards the elevator, and the video will end.

What’s Next?

You are now ready to click on any floor’s button (either a floor button located up in the Console area, or the floor button underneath each floor’s elevator area on the web page) and you will be whisked to that floor, where you can watch that floor’s particular video!

What about the 'Audio Tour'?

The 'Auto Tour' is a special feature on this web page that is activated by clicking the 'Load Tour' button located near the top of the Console. You will then click the 'Start Tour' button (that will immediately display where the 'Load Tour' button had been) to be whisked to the Floor 1 elevator area near the bottom of the web page—where the Floor 1 video will start playing automatically. You can then just sit back and watch the tour!

After the Floor 1 video has completed, the web page will 'scroll up' to the Floor 2 area, where the Floor 2 video will commence playing ... while you’re eating your popcorn, enjoying the show! This process will continue until the last video has completed (the Floor 10 video). At that point, the 'Auto Tour' will end.

If at any time during the course of the 'Auto Tour' you wish to end the 'Auto Tour'—just click on the 'Stop Tour' button (that has now replaced the 'Start Tour' button on the Console) and any video that is currently playing on the web page will stop, and the 'Auto Tour' will have concluded.

Conversely, you can 'scroll up' or 'scroll down' the web page at any time during the 'Auto Tour' presentation (using the main-page scrollbar, or using the Console’s scrollbar), and then click on another video button associated with another floor (and then its gray 'play/pauz v-1' button) ... and the 'Auto Tour' will immediately start playing the video for that floor, and then move up one floor at a time, playing successive floor videos, until the completion of the last video, the Floor 10 video—at which point the 'Auto Tour' will end.

And remember: you can activate individual videos manually (by clicking their associated button) when the 'Auto Tour' is not active. The 'Auto Tour' is not active when the 'Load Tour' button is displaying near the top of the Console.

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