How to Synchronize a Facebook Cover Photo
with a Facebook Profile Photo

July 31, 2020: Due to recent page format changes by Facebook, this tutorial is no longer applicable; but is left up for the curious, who might wish to adapt its contents to coincide with the new page format. Thank you.

This tutorial is now Mobile-Friendly!

Page Ten has “Download” links for all “Templates” used in this more.

In order to synchronize a Facebook Cover photo with a Facebook Profile photo, so that the content of your Cover photo blends seamlessly with that of your Profile photo, you will need to start with a large, square image “1260x1260 pixels” in size.

This “1260x1260 pixels” square image size is a multiple of the “180x180 pixels” square image size of your Facebook Profile photo.

You will be “cropping” both a Facebook Cover photo and Profile photo from the “1260x1260 pixels” square image seen below, in just a few moments.

Note: On Page Six of this tutorial there are optional instructions on how to synchronize a Facebook Cover photo with a Facebook Profile photo when the image being used is smaller in size than “1260x1260 pixels.” You will need to read the instructions on Page One through Page Five first, though, to understand those instructions. Thank you.

Note: After you have read Page One through Page Seven of this tutorial, there is an optional section, starting on Page Eight, that discusses how to synchronize a Facebook Cover photo with a Facebook Profile photo on “Business-Oriented” Facebook pages—as opposed to synchronizing Cover and Profile photos on a “Personal” Facebook page, that we will be discussing on Page One through Page Seven.

Note: At this point, perhaps you would like to see some examples of “synchronized” Facebook Cover and Profile photos, before continuing.

Here is a link to a Cover Photos One Facebook page “Synchronized-Photos Screenshot Gallery” section, that contains Irfanview screenshots of some previous “synchronized” Cover and Profile photos that had displayed on the Cover Photos One page, as does this Cover Photos Two Facebook page “Synchronized-Photos Screenshot Gallery” section.

Notice how the Profile photos overlap the Cover photos on the screenshots. Compare that photo-configuration to the Cover and Profile photos you see at the top of either Facebook page: the Profile photo is now off to the left of the Cover photo on “Business-Oriented” Facebook pages. Page Eight of this tutorial has been updated to reflect this new photo-configuration.

“1260x1260 pixels” Square Image

[Irfanview Screenshot] - “1260x1260 pixels” Square Image

In order to see where you can crop a “180x180 pixels” image from this “1260x1260 pixels” square image, you will need to make a “template” that is an approximate enlargement of the “851x337 pixels” area that your Facebook Cover photo, combined with your Facebook Profile photo, covers on your Facebook page.

“851x337 pixels” Overall Template Size

[Irfanview Screenshot] - “851x337 pixels” Overall Template Size

Enlarging an “851x337 pixels” area by “112.5%” will give you a “958x380 pixels” area, rounded up from the actual “957.375x379.125 pixels” calculated measurements.

Make this rectangular-template now, at “958x380 pixels” in size, in your Image Editor, and “Save” the template as “958x380.png.”

“958x380.png” Rectangular-Template

[Irfanview Screenshot] - “958x380.png” Rectangular-Template

In the lower-left corner of this template, you will need to attach a “23x180 pixels” reference-rectangle that you must now fashion. (The “23-pixel” width is a “112.5%” increase—rounded up from the actual “22.5-pixel” calculation—of the “20-pixel” width that Facebook uses between the left-edge of your Cover photo and the left-edge of your Profile photo.)

[By the way: There is a four-pixel white-border that “surrounds” your Profile photo on your Facebook page—that is actually covering the Cover photo beneath it, and not the Profile photo itself.]

“958x380.png” Rectangular-Template with Reference-Rectangle

[Irfanview Screenshot] - “958x380.png” Rectangular-Template with Reference-Rectangle

This “reference-rectangle” seen above will serve as a reference-point when cropping your “180x180 pixels” Profile photo from the “1260x1260 pixels” square image.

[As you will have to “delete” the blue “background” of the “958x380.png” file above from the “1260x1260 pixels” square image in just a moment, and leave behind, on the “1260x1260 pixels” square image, the “23x180 pixels” reference-rectangle, you will have to use a “file-type” for your “958x380 pixels” Rectangular-Template that allows for the “separating” of the two rectangles—namely the “.png” file-type used above.]