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The Calming Clock

The intriguing Calming Clock (directly above) has a “calming effect” wherever it is displayed.
The secret of the Calming Clock is that, while the “hour” and “minutes” digits display correctly, the “seconds” digits run at half-speed...creating the illusion of time itself slowing down!

Idea for “rollover” came from  Wellstyled.com

“Ancient Eights”

The “Ancient Eights” game has bewildered mathematicians for eons!

No matter which hand you “hover” over with your cursor, the total of all three hands’ digits will add up to seven.

But, no matter which hand you “click and hold” your cursor over, the total of all three hands’ digits will add up to eight!

Can you solve this mystery?

“Plato's Bulb”

The following question has bewildered philosophers for eons:

When you close the refrigerator door, does the light bulb inside stay lit?

The Maytag Corporation tried an experiment years ago to find out, using a specially-made giant-size refrigerator.

The results of this experiment have never been released to the public!

[Hover your cursor over
the Maytag Repairman.]
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