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Responsive Widths Chart

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Click the button above to open the default, example file,
The default pop-up window 'screen-size' dimensions are:
width (320-pixels); height (480-pixels).
The pop-up window has borders beyond the 'screen size' dimensions.
The pop-up window can be moved and/or 'resized' using your cursor.
[Click-and-hold down the cursor at the top of the pop-up window, then move the pop-up window with your mouse;
click-and-hold the cursor at any edge/corner of the pop-up window, then 'resize' the pop-up window by dragging your mouse.]
Upper 'Responsive Design Planning' chart by Metal Toad
The web page displays properly in Firefox 39.0. Some browsers may not render a pop-up window’s width/height dimensions exactly as stipulated in the text boxes, nor comply with a 'no scrollbars' request. Use 'manual' mode if pop-up windows do not close when you click on the 'Close pop-up...' button. In 'manual' mode, close the current, and then future pop-up windows, manually. Suggested screen-size for viewing this web page: 15.4-inches or more.