Audio from video clips

Fresh stick button

(Fresh Deodorant)


I bought the Fresh stick just as you told me.

You’re absolutely right; it’s neat and quick and it goes on dry.

It did make me feel cool and sweet just as you said.

I did everything you said, but my boss still hasn’t asked me to lunch!


Unlike some deodorants, Fresh doesn’t guarantee you’ll get ahead in business .... All Fresh does is keep you fresh.


When you think of it, that’s quite a lot!

Green Mint button

(Green Mint Mouthwash)

Store Clerk:

Getting a new hat for the luncheon, Helen?


What luncheon?

Store Clerk:

Why, Thelma ... don’t tell me you’ve forgotten!


Forgotten? I wasn’t even invited.

Why, I haven’t been invited anywhere for weeks! What's wrong with me, anyway?


What’s wrong, Helen? Maybe it’s your breath.

But new Green Mint mouthwash stops oral bad breath three ways better than antiseptics.

One: destroys mouth odor itself; even from onions, smoking, tell-tale beverages, not just germs ... because Green Mint contains exclusive Chloraquett, plus a new mouth sweetener.

Two: even mixed with water, Green Mint has 37 percent more penetrating power.

Three: tastes so good. Leaves no antiseptic smell.

Yes, with Green Mint there’s always a happy ending. Your mouth tastes so minty fresh, you know your breath is safe.

Used professionally by over ten thousand dentists, Green Mint stops oral bad breath three ways better.


(Rybutol energy pills)


Is this the way you feel in the morning?

Still tired after a good night’s sleep?

Too dragged down and nervous to face the day?

Too tired ... too often?

Try Rybutol!

If you too need extra amounts of Thiamine and Riboflavin, Rybutol can help you gain new strength. New energy.

Let just one person amoung thousands of users tell you about amazing benefits gained from Rybutol: Mister Daniel Spillane, of New York City.

Mister Daniel Spillane:

I was feeling tired. My wife heard about Rybutol on the radio. After taking it, I feel full of pep.


Yes, folks, so confident are we that Rybutol can help you, if you are not getting enough Thiamine and Riboflavin, that we offer you this gaurantee:

Take Rybutol for just one week. You must feel stronger, peppier in seven days; more vital, more alive, or your money back.

You have nothing to loose; everything to gain.

Get Rybutol from your druggist today.