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Deanna Durbin (Actress/Singer)

Deanna Durbin Promotional Photo

Canadian actress/singer Deanna Durbin sings the 1932 Cole Porter hit Night and Day from Lady on a Train, one of her 21 feature films. Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, on Dec. 4, 1922, the talented youngster starred in her first feature film, Universal Pictures' Three Smart Girls (released on December 20, 1936) a couple weeks after her 14th birthday. In 1947, at age 24, Durbin was the highest paid actress in Hollywood. She retired from her lucrative recording and film career (1936–1948) in 1949, at the age of 26. [Audio from no longer available.]

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Lake Crescent Lake Crescent in Washington State, USA w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w

Lake Crescent

Wikimedia image by Adbar

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Pictured: A flock of Canadian geese in a “V-formation” heading north to British Columbia for the summer on the Pacific Flyway across the crystal-clear, vibrantly-blue, deep waters of Lake Crescent, on a cool afternoon in April of 2013 in northwest Washington State, in the northwest corner of Washington State’s Olympic National Park, in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States.

Here is a Google Map showing the area of the United States where Lake Crescent is located:

Lake Crescent Google Map.

If you keep “zooming in” on the Google Map, you will see the western end of Lake Crescent and the approximate spot (designated by the colored marker) from where the photographer took the photograph, looking east from the south side of the Fairholme Campground.

If you look straight ahead, just a little left-of-center in the photo above, you will see the peak of the 4,537-feet (1,383-meter) Mount Storm King, at a distance of 8.1 miles (13.09 kilometers) east from where the photograph was taken.