How to Synchronize a Facebook Cover Photo
with a Facebook Profile Photo

Optional-Instructions Two continued...

Work-Area, Lapel-Pin Image, Rectangular-Template

[Irfanview Screenshot] - “1260x1260-work-area.png” Square Image with “958x380.png”
Lapel-Pin Image and “958x380.png” Rectangular-Template

As you can see above, the “958x380.png” Rectangular-Template fits exactly on top of the “958x380-flag.png” file.

Reference-Rectangle and Cropping-Area

[Irfanview Screenshot] - Close-up of “23x180 pixels” Reference-Rectangle and “180x180 pixels” Cropping-Area

Once you “delete” the blue-background of the “958x380.png” Rectangular-Template, you can only “crop” a Profile photo to the immediate right of the
remaining “23x180 pixels” reference-rectangle, due to the limiting dimensions of the “958x380-flag.png” file.

Facebook Cover-Profile Photo Screenshot

[Irfanview Screenshot] - “Screenshot” of “851x315 pixels” Facebook Cover-Profile photo

Picking up from the instructions on Page Two, your synchronized Facebook Cover and Profile photos will look just as good as the lapel-pin images shown in the “screenshot” above!