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0 if(strlen($q)>0) { // start 'if(strlen($q)>0)' $hint=""; for($i=0;$i0)' // set output to "no suggestion" if no hint were found // or to the correct values if($hint=="") { // start 'if($hint=="")' $response="no suggestion"; } // end 'if($hint=="")' else { // start 'else' conditional /* start of addition to script */ $hint_array=explode(',',$hint); /* line above turns the $hint string into an array */ $last_item=array_splice($hint_array, -1); /* line above is an array holding the item removed from the $hint_array array */ $first_items_string=implode(', ', $hint_array); /* line above turns the $hint_array array into a string */ $last_item_string=implode(' ', $last_item); /* line above turns the $last_item array, containing the item removed from the $hint_array into a string. */ /* The 'if...else if....else' statement below adds a/null comma(s) and/or an 'and' to the '$hint' string variable depending on the number of array items found by the 'for loop' above. */ if($first_items_string=="") { $hint=$last_item_string; } else if((strspn($first_items_string,','==0))) { $hint=$first_items_string . " and " . $last_item_string; } else { $hint=$first_items_string . ", and " . $last_item_string . "."; } /* end of addition to script */ $response= $hint; } // end 'else' conditional // output the response echo $response; ?> /* The HTML-code for the 'online.php' file ended immediately above. */ /* The HTML-code for the 'online.html' file can be obtained by doing a "View Source" on that web page. */ ]]>