Floated Div Columns

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This column has a “fixer-div” added to it to keep the column from “breaking.”
“Refresh” your browser at 600-pixels.
The third column will “break” beyond 600px.
This column does not have a “fixer-div” added to keep the column from “breaking.”

Example Explained

Reduce the width of your browser to exactly 600-pixels (600px). (Reference the “viewport width” box in the upper-left of your screen.)
Now “refresh” your browser. You will notice that all of the horizontal columns in the second row now have a “light-green” background-color—as they are tied for the “highest-height column” designation.
A “fixer-div” added to the third column of the first row (the first and second rows are identical in this example) breaks this tie, and designates the third column of the first row as the “Controller Column” for the row.
fixer-div: <div style="height: 1px"></div>
When you “resize” your browser to a width beyond 600-pixels, the second row’s third column will “break”—while the third column of the first row does not break.
See this explanation page for details.
Note: The attached, adapted 'floated-div-auto-height-dd-2.js' file has all of its test variables set to [ 1 ], for testing. The 'default value' for all test variables in that javaScript file is [ 0 ].