Abbey Road Zebra Crossing

'Abbey Road' album cover (minus Beatles) 'Abbey Road' album cover

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About the Album Cover

The image you see above is an edited version of the photo that was used for the 1969 rock album Abbey Road by the Beatles.

The image was edited in a Microsoft Digital Image Editor, where the members of the rock group were removed from the photo. The Beatles will magically appear when you “hover” your cursor over the image!

The non-hovered image above is a composite of this image (original image link no longer active), taken by Scottish photographer Iain Macmillan; and this image’s white Volkswagen (and some road and curb details) by an unknown author. This latter photo contains many of the same vehicles, in their same locations, as does the actual album cover photo: and is therefore assumed to have been taken by Iain Macmillan just before or after Iain took the famous album cover photo. In a twist, the licence plate number on the white Volkswagon in the non-hovered photo above (edited from the latter photo just mentioned) appears to be different than the licence plate number on the hovered photo’s Volkswagon!

The Abbey Road album cover photo was taken 49 years ago (from the year 2018) on Friday morning, August 8, 1969, from a ladder at this approximate spot in the middle of Abbey Road, as seen on a Google map (looking northwest).

Abbey Road is an approximate 30-minute drive northwest from central London, England. Here is a web cam looking southeast towards the Abbey Road zebra crossing. [You will have to scroll down the page a bit to see the web cam. Click the red “Live” button that you will see on the right for a “live feed.”]

On the left side of both images up top (static and hovered), up the sidewalk a ways, are the two entrances to the EMI Studios—renamed Abbey Road Studios in 1970. Abbey Road Studios has the world’s largest “purpose-built” recording studio, and has just won the Music Producers Guild’s 2018 Studio of the Year award.

Here is a Google Drive link to the original Beatles album cover image, in its full file-size, that you see when you hover your cursor over the edited version above.

Here is a link to the same edited album cover image displayed above, in it full file-size, on a Google Drive web page. And here is a commemorative version of the edited album cover image, that includes a border and text—also up on a Google Drive page.