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Google API Map Web Pages:

The links below are to Google API Maps that are linked-to from various Facebook Cover photos on the following Facebook pages:

Cover Photos One and
Cover Photos Two.

HTML5 Video Formats

The links below explain the different video and audio formats used with the HTML5 “video” and HTML5 “audio” elements:

Test-Page Section

This section is for test web-pages that employ various, basic, HTML-coding techniques:

Destination Series

This mobile-friendly “Destination Series” section features web pages with HTML5 videos displayed in Google map Infowindows.

Google Earth Micro Tours

This section is for links to web pages displaying brief Google Earth Tour map-animations. Due to recent adjustments made by Google, the Google Earth Tour map-animations below currently do not display.

Note: Due to the Google “KML Embed Gadget” no longer being functional, the “Google Earth Micro Tour” web pages below have been updated with new HTML-code to reflect the Barry Hunter Tour Gadget replacement for the Google “KML Embed Gadget.”

General Section

This section is for links to web pages that may be of interest to some viewers: